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Wooly Bugger

The internet is not short of wooly bugger videos, however I figured I would show a few extra techniques like dubbing a body and what type of feathers I like to use. I also added some lead to the body to give it a little weight and allow it to sink slightly. Now, wooly buggers […]


Split tail shad

EP (Enrico Puglisi) style flies are quite popular. They have been staples in many saltwater and warm water fly Fishermans boxes for years. They look so realistic and are very versatile with color choices. However there is one issue Ive found in the past with these flies. They don’t have a ton of tail movement. […]


Everglades Special

The Everglades Special is an EP style saltwater streamer fly that is a specific coloration. This is a popular color pattern for, you guessed it, the everglades. Well, anywhere that fish eat mullet as its an imitation of mullet. Its a great fly for fishing Redfish, tarpon, sea trout, snook, and other saltwater predator fish. […]


Micro Crayfish – Jigged Nymph and streamer – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial

I just moved to South Texas and small crayfish patterns tend to work very well for smallmouth bass, Guadalupe bass, panfish and the Rio Ciclids. They also work for other fish like catfish and trout as well. So I decided to come up with my own small crayfish pattern. Now, I am sure someone has […]


Redfish Crack – Yeah, it catches more than just reds… – McFly Angler Saltwater Fly Tying Tutorials

Redfish are a fish that are tough on flies, so a redfish fly should be very durable. The redfish crack is an all synthetic take on the redfish slider, so it’s much more durable. This fly can withstand a pounding and still comes up looking great! And the fish love them. In fact, my friend […]


Furled worm – for redfish

This is an awesome fly, one that I got the idea from another video where they tied something similar. I was looking for a blood worm imitation that surf perch would like, and this seemed to do the trick. It’s fairly easy to tie, and that tail moves really nicely in the water! As always, […]


Simple Crayfish – With rabbit zonkers – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorials

Crayfish, or also called crawdads are a common food source for many freshwater fish, especially bass. But in rivers and lakes where trout get predatory, they will also eat crayfish as well. Therefor a crayfish pattern should be in your box when going out fishing areas where you know crayfish are present. Crayfish offer a […]