Furled worm – for redfish

This is an awesome fly, one that I got the idea from another video where they tied something similar. I was looking for a blood worm imitation that surf perch would like, and this seemed to do the trick. It’s fairly easy to tie, and that tail moves really nicely in the water!

As always, here is a list of materials I used on this fly and links to where you can get them. There is a discount on the hooks at Risen Fly, type in McFly for the discount at checkout
Hook: Risen, short shank stainless #2 – www.risenfly.com/collections/hooks/products/short-shank-hooks-stainless
Thread: Veevus Power Thread 140 – amzn.to/2F0ZnRg
Weight: Medium Lead Dumbbell Eyes – amzn.to/2T4iWxh
Dubbing 1: Hareline Natrual hares ear – amzn.to/2O1ffrd
Dubbing 2: Ice Dub in Red/Orange – amzn.to/2OawZR7
Collar: Rooster Saddle Hackle – amzn.to/2u7WU2x
UV Resin: Solarez bone dry – amzn.to/2T3Vdgs

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