Sandy’s Crabby Patty

So I recently went out and fished the surf for surf perch. I looked up what flies are best to use for them and it seemed like sand flea (commonly called sand crabs or mole crabs) are their favorite food, so I tied this fly up for them and really liked it! I looked up common flies, and took a few different styles and merged them together to make my own. It came out looking just like the little creatures, and it’s really not too difficult to tie either.

Risen Fly Rods Discount! – McFly

Here is a list of materials I used on this fly.

Hook: Risen O’Shaugnessy hooks size 2 –
Thread: Veevus power thread 140 in hot orange –
Weight: Medium lead dumbbell eyes –
Front dubbing: Orange Ice Dub –
Feelers: Orange Crazy Legs –
Body Dubbing: Gray Laser Dub –
Legs: Cream Ultra Chenille –
Top Wing: Mallard Flank Natural –

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