Reverse bulkhead

One of the best bass and saltwater flies created in my opinion is the reverse bulkhead fly. This water pushing, flowing, and flashy fly is a variation on bob popovics design. I’m not the only person to tie it like this though, as many people have taken the reverse bulkhead design and tweaked it to their likening, like adding feathers or using synthetics. However this version is my favorite that I’ve used, because it just flat out works!

Species this fly will work on are bass (largemouth and smallmouth), stripped bass, redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook, salmon, and pretty any species that eats other fish. I like this red/white combo for stained water, but you could tie it in any color combo for your local areas and fish forage.

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As always I’m listing the materials I used on this fly.
Hook: www.risenfly.com/collections/hooks/products/oshaughnessy-hooks-stainless
Thread: amzn.to/2XolLQI
Tail and body support: amzn.to/2Jn2ZiE
1st feathers: amzn.to/2LzcxK3
2nd feathers: shop.flyfishsd.com/products/whiting-pro-grade-saddle
Flat flash: amzn.to/2J9aCut
Twisted flash: amzn.to/2LzxF2U
Head cement: amzn.to/323w7nJ