Copper John | Fly Tying Tutorial

The Copper John is one of the most popular trout nymphs on the planet. Seriously. If you’re looking for a heavy mayfly nymph, this is a go-to pattern for trout rivers across the US and internationally. The Copper John can be tied a few different ways and Jared shows us his version in this episode of the Tying Bench. If you have a vise and are an avid trout angler, this video is for you.

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All these materials are available from:

• Gamakatsu S10 – Size 12
• Gold Bead
• Lead Wire – .020
• UNI-Thread – 6/0 Black
• Goose Biots – Brown
• Copper Wire – Small
• Flashabou – Pearl
• Thin Skin
• Partridge Feather – Dark

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