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Articulated mouse

Martin Mouse (predator version) More videos: rubenmartin.com.ar/en/fly-tying-videos/ Many large freshwater predators do not hesitate to take their food on the surface of the water, and in many cases the ecosystems in which they live tend to have a high biodiversity. In this type of scenario, many animeles usually swim on the surface of the water […]


Rainbow minnow streamer

RAINBOW MINNOW Hook: AHREX PR330 Aberdeen Predator Thread: UNI 6/0 o Veevus 8/0 Tail: White Pseudo Fox o Pseudo Marabou and Polar Flash Pearl or Silver or rainbow Body: WhiteCraft Fur Sides: Red Craft Fur Eyes: Ruben Martin Hypnotic Predator 10 mm


May Fly Dun Parachute

Mayfly Dun with easy realistic wings technique Hook: Dohiku 301 #12 to #18 thread: UNI 8/0 o Veevus 10/0 o 12/0 Tail: Whiting Coq de Leon medium pardo. Body: Deer Creek Polish Quill Hackle: Whiting Pro Grade medium dun or similar. Wings: cream polypropilene yarn.


Easy realistic orange shrimp fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

www.rubenmartin.com.ar Hook: Ahrex NS156 Traditional shrimp # 6 Antennas: fine monofilament painted ORANGE and black with indelible markers. Eyes: monofilament painted ORANGE with black pupil Rostrum: orange artic fox tail Shell: transparent thermocontractable paint orange and then craquelada black paint. Rib: fine monofilament Body: orange polar chenille Note: Deer Creek fine UV resin is used […]


Giant predator streamer

Recipe on www.rubenmartin.com.ar/en/giant-predator-streamer/ Suscribe and share if you like!! Thanks to all for watching. Predator streamer fo Bass, Pike, Musky, golden dorado, etc It is known that predatory species such as pike or bass usually attack dams that are half their size and in many cases the size of the lure is related to the […]



Martin Grasshopper – www.rubenmartin.com.ar Hook: TMC 200R , 5263 o 300, #4-10 Thread: UNI 8/0 o UTC 70, tan or olive Abdomen: clear Pro Tube Hook Retail Rib: tying thread Legs: terrestrials legs o plastic bristles Wing : Real Wing, Fly Wing o section of lacquered turkey tail feather. Under wing: CDC o Deer Hair. […]


Sunray minnow version with heat shrinkable pipping fly tying instructions

SUN RAY R.M (version with heat shrinkable pipping) Buy my minnow 3d eyes at www.amazon.com/dp/B01N29RG6B Since its origins, the sunray fly was a huge success from northern Europe has conquered boxes almost all fly fishermen the world. Its popularity has grown as people were entering the use of tube flies, SUNRAY always demonstrated inversely proportional […]


Adult Dragonfly

Free fly tying class live, he tie an imitation of adult dragonfly . It is a fly at this time of year we approach the heat should be present in our boxes of flies. To participate in the live chat is required to have a Gmail account and have subscribed to the youtube channel Ruben […]