Martin Shrimp – simple and realistic fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

Ruben Martin Shrimp

Shellfish are an important part of a great diversity of fish both freshwater and saltwater.

Sea fishing in a good imitation shrimp should always be at hand in our box of flies and so does fishing for Atlantic salmon and sea trouts.

Other fish, freshwater, such as trout or basses usually feed on crustaceans such as crawfish or Patagonian called Samastacus.

This fly model is interesting as adapting hook, color and size can mimic both shrimp as “crawfish” in a realistic manner without addressing techniques tied too complex or difficult.

Hook: TMC 7999 or similar

Thread: UNI 8/0 or Danville 6/0

Weight: optional, lead wire.

Antennae: olive or clear monofilament paint with black barred.

Eyes: clear monofilament, burned and painted

Ribbing: ultra fine clear monofilament.

“Rostrum”: fox hair, dyed olive.

Legs and underboby: light olive polar chenille.

Shell: heat shrinkable pipping, olive painted on top.

“Telson”: light olive fluff hackle fibbers.

Note: “rostrum” and “telson”, they are terms of Shrimp Anatomy.

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