Variation on Steve Cullens Popper Fry

Hook – Hanak H 970 BL #10
Thread – Uni 6/0 White
Popper – HD Foam tube 9mm Silver
Eyes – 3mm Venyard epoxy eyes
Body – The Big Reel Straggle Fritz Brown
Zonker Strip – Toutline Zonker
Dubbing – SLF Prism Dub

This time of year the Popper fry can not only produce some blistering sport it also throws up some BIG fish. Working the weedbeds with this fly and popping it back along the surface can cause fish to bow wave from all directions. They take it for a sick or injured fish and its an easy meal for a hungry trout.

Steve Cullen came up with the original popper fry pattern to fish in competition and this helped him to become National Champion at Bewl Bridge a few years back. It really is worth checking out his original tying of the pattern.… It reminds me of the poppers you can buy for Bass in the states, great fun and very visual.