EP Permit Crab

Don’t fish the flats this winter without one of these…

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We’re gearing up for Bonefish and Permit season here at Trident. Maybe you’re planning a trip to your favorite Bonefish flat in Belize or chasing Permit in Mexico this winter, too. If that’s the case, you’re probably preparing now at the vise. The EP Permit Crab is an essential pattern for the saltwater flats angler because of its size and movement in the water. A lively profile gives this fly a ton of action in the water and it’s definitely a solid option this season. Tune in as Jared gives us step-by-step instructions to tie this must-have pattern.

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Tiemco TMC 600SP Heavy Saltwater Fly Hook – 1/0
Uni Mono Thread
Hareline Dumbbell Eyes – Yellow
Hareline Life Flex Legs – Yellow
EP Crustaceous Brush – Sand, 1.5″
Zap-A-Gap Glue
Hareline Grizzly Marabou – Tan

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