Adams Fly

An emblem in regard to classic dry flies by reputation and especially as it has proven effective for trout fishing in different parts of the world . Its combination of colors seems to respond to a magic bullet when it comes to attractive it has with salmonids. This highly effective perhaps this relates to its ability to adequately mimic a variety of mayflies ( Ephemeroptera ) adults. In sizes can range from 20 to 10 , it is essential in numbers 16, 14 and 12 in any river Norpatagónico . While the most productive fishing this fly method is to achieve natural drift on the surface it is not uncommon for trout go crazy with small Adams on 16 and 18 when ” skidding ” on the surface with a controlled drag induced by the fisherman, similar to the technique Hitching .

Hook: mustad 94840, TMC 100, TMC 5210, Rise 300
Thread: UNI 8/0 or Danville 6/0
Tail: grizzly and brown fibbers mixed from Whiting spade hackle
Body: grey antron dubbing
Wings: two tips of grizzly rooster neck feathers
Hackle: genetic hackle, grizzly and brown mixed.

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