Articulated trout streamer designed and tied by Swedish Andreas Andersson. Sid is named after the funny ground sloth from the movie Ice Age – due to the similarities in head shape. The flat front head and the sharp cut edges makes this fly dive and wiggle. Andreas tied this fly on the Ahrex TP650 – 26 Degree Bent Streamer, that is designed specially for Sid, Drunk & Disorderly and other flies requiring a bend hook shank. Andreas was a vital part of the team that designed this hook.

Rear hook: Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger #1/0
Thread: White
Body: Silver UV Polar Chenille
Zonker wing: Magnum Rabbit Strip – white/black barred
Back: Mallard flank feather

Connection: Coated Steel Wire
Beads: Two 6 mm plastic beads

Front hook: Ahrex TP650 26 Bent Streamer #2/0
Thread: White
Body: Silver UV Polar Chenille
Wing: Magnum Rabbit Strip – white/black barred
Gills: Crystal Hackle, Fl. Flame Red
Shoulders: White arctic fox tail
Legs: Silicone – pearl/silver barred
Thread: Veevus G.S.P. 200, White
Head: White deer hair
Eyes: 7 mm 3D Eyes white
Add flexible UV Resin to the deer hair head for durability

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