How to tie the Abyssal Caddis Pupa Fly Pattern – Episode 14 Piscator Flies

This caddis pupa fly pattern features a double beaded head. There is a tiny black bead at the eye of the hook and then a larger gold or copper bead. This gives the fly a nice looking head and a little extra weight.

I like to tie this one in a bronze peacock diamond dubbing with a little orange tied in behind the gold bead. Other colors that have worked well are chartreuse and pale yellow.

dede7365 ‘s Abyssal Pupa

Abyssal Caddis Larva

Hook: Mustad C49s or Scud #10-#12
Bead: Small black bead followed by larger gold
Thread: Olive Dun 6/0
Underbody: Pearl Flashabou
Body: Diamond Dubbing (loop)
Rib: Vinyl Rib clear
Thorax: Diamond Dub


Song: Sekai – Somebody [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.