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The Creek

A little dry fly fishing tale from the forest of Västerbotten, Sweden. Tiles Layout When I edit I usually make a sloppy voiceover recording that I change when I’m done with the story. This time I kept the powerless whispering voice, I’m not sure it was a good choice. Hope you enjoy it, Thanks for […]


RENA under the bridge

Two awesome weekends in our favorite Rena river!!! It`s just one of the most beautiful and so special rivers we got to know yet!!! With all of those magical rises and insane hatches of insects this river takes you down to her “own world” pretty fast… And when you are connected with all that habitat […]


Brothers On The Mayfly

Mayfly season: The time that keeps most flyfishermen dreaming of that big trout caught on a dry. Once the first mayflies are hatching, however, we often realize that the time of times might not live up to our expectations and memories. What is it for you: A blessing or a curse? If you want to […]