WFS 124 – Giant Tarpon Fly Fishing with Bruce Chard – Florida Keys, Fly Presentation, Tides, Leading Fish

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Bruce Chard breaks down Giant Tarpon Fly Fishing today on the podcast.  Bruce is a longtime guide out in the Florida area and shares his best tips and tricks. To be honest, we didn’t even come close to covering it all but did go a little deep on some juicy topics.

Bruce goes deep into how you present the fly for tarpon, the tarpon toad and whether you can DIY your way to tarpon.  Baby tarpon might be your best chance to DIY a few tarpon to the fly.


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Show Notes with Bruce Chard

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I gave a shoutout to Justin at CBFlyFishing on Instagram who had a few questions about guiding and making a business out of it all.

Bruce’s best tip to be a guide is to go to the IFTD show and meet everyone.

We talked about ICAST and the Florida Fly Fishing show.  Bruce notes that Denver is a great hub for the IFTD show and why everyone loves to go more to Denver than to Florida.

Rick Saez was on the podcast from the Outdoor Biz Podcast here and noted the connection of fly fishing to the broader outdoor niche.

Jim Teeny was on the podcast way back in episode 5 and said Tarpon was the one species he would for.

I noted Lebron James and we talked about the similarities to Tarpon fishing.  Here’s a quick video for Lebron’s highlights.

The G Loomis rod for tarpon is huge and what Bruce recommneds.  Goto the local shows and test out the rod first.

The Airflo Bruce Chard Tropical Punch line along with Hatch Reels are what Bruce uses for tarpon.

We talk about the tarpon toad and a few others tips here.

Here are the leader chart at the Hatch website that Bruce noted.

You can find Bruce here.

Resources Noted in the Show

Airflo Bruce Chard Tropical Punch line

Videos Noted in the Show

The Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Tutorial

The Lebron James Highlight Reel

Conclusion with Bruce Chard

Bruce Chard shares some great tips for tarpon with a focus on giant tarpon.  Snook Alley, how to find aggressive tarpon, and how to reel in a tarpon or a few of the hot topics we cover today on the podcast.

Show Notes: