Moldy Chum with Brian Bennett – Steelhead, Patagonia, REI, Reel Pure Radio, Yeti, Artifishal

Brian Bennett, the founder of Moldy Chum, one of the biggest and oldest fly fishing websites is on the podcast to describe what the moldy chum is all about and where it’s going.  The slab of the month, the chumion, and suction dredging are all discussed today.

We get into the Dirt Bag Diaries, Reel Pure Radio and other podcasts that inspired Brian to keep on moving.  Suck my Fly Blog, The Hopper Talk Blog, Mini Chubby and many other blogs of yester year.

Hosted Trips with Dave:

I sat down with Brian Bennett from the Moldy Chum, one of the long standing fly fishing blogs.  They have published 5,299 blog posts just on wordpress.  We here about the Friday Pin up, and the vast influences of people and blogs that have influenced the path of the chum.