Tying the Hypocrite’s Flee with Martyn White

The Hypocrite, or Hypocrite’s Flee is a pattern I tied many years ago and has a bit of a funny story behind the name. It’s shown itself to be a great taker of both wild and stocked fish from the Orkneys and Shetlands to the resevoirs of souther England. To support my channel and enter the giveaways head to www.patreon.com/flickingfeathers and become a patron or support through paypal.me/flickingfeathers

Materials List
Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10
Thread: Danville’s or UTC 140 FLuo fire orange
Tail: Sunburst marabou
Rib: Gold wire
Body: Tying thread
Body hackle: Fluo orange Chinese cock (oversized)
Head hackle: Partridge dyed orange