Hot Collar Gloss Perdigon

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This simple little perdigon nymph is great for smaller streams and rivers. The slotted bead aids the fly in riding hook point up and thus avoiding lots of potential snags while bouncing along the river bottom.

I’m tying a few of these for my spring box (they work well through the whole season)and will be tying them in hot orange, red, pink, blue and purple collar versions.

Hot Collar Gloss Perdigon Fly Pattern Recipe
Hook: Partridge SUJ #12-18 or similar
Bead: Slotted black tungsten (3.5mm for #12)
Thread: Black 8/0 70d
Tail: Coque de Leon CDL fibers
Rib: Copper wire (fine)
Collar: Fl. Pink 8/0 70d
Overbody: Bone dry clear


Southern California by Riot (Royalty Free Music)

Camera: Nikon CoolPix B700
Vise: Griffin Montana Mongoose

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