Tying the Hot Butt Sili Leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly Pattern for Bonefish

Gotcha fly patterns have been the hot ticket for bonefish and other saltwater species for a number of years, but by revamping the pattern with new variations, the fly stays fresh, and fish don’t get used to seeing the same fly.

Keep the colors toward more natural hues of cream, tan, light pinks, olives, and grays. Stay away from using a lot of bright color on the flies.

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Hot Butt Sili-leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad S71SNP-DT #2-8
Thread: Tan 6/0
Eye: 3.2mm Black nickel bead chain
Tail: micro crystal flash
Butt: STS Tri-lobal dubbing hot orange
Body: Tan Laser Dubbing
Wing: Tan craft fur
Legs: Silicone tab skirt

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