Tying the Geek Leech fly Pattern

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In the rare times when I get a break from the vise, I like to grab a book from my fly fishing/tying library and read a few pages about the exploits of others who share the passion of the sport. John Gierach has an impressive catalog and thus many of his books have found a home in my library. I was thumbing through Standing in a River Waving a Stick ( amzn.to/2n34kDJ ), one of the best titles for a book, and was reminded of the Geek Leech. The Geek Leech is also known as Tom’s Mohair Momma.

The fly is weighted to the front of the hook and so it will sink quickly in slow and still waters and undulate when stripped back to the angler. If you are fishing lakes with lots of weed growth, you can opt to leave the eyes off the fly. This allows the fly to be fished just under the water surface. It’s a great fly for fall rainbow trout, bull trout and bass making for some explosive hard strikes.

You can make a ton of variations of the fly by mixing up tail and body colors. Tails may be a single color or mixed stacks of marabou in different colors. Try mixing 2 or three colors like browns olives, black, and claret.

Hook: 3xl streamer hook #4-8
Thread: match to fly color 6/0
Eyes: Lead or brass dumbbell eyes
Tail: Marabou stripped and tied short
Body: Mohair dubbing in a dubbing loop or UNI-Mohair

Bodies can be a single color of leech yarn or mixed colors, blended mohair dubbing, and a little bit of a highlight dubbing (pearl UV Ice dubbing) can be added before the body is added to add a subtle amount of flash once brushed out.

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