Tying the Galloup Cripple with Kelly Galloup

You might have been fishing a hatch or spinner fall where trout are rising everywhere, but refuse your fly over and over again. These fish are usually feeding selectively on crippled adults. Anybody who has read Kelly’s book Cripples and Spinners knows how important this stage is, and this pattern has proven itself time and time again on rivers and spring creeks across the country. What makes this pattern so different than others is that the hook shank is bent in such a way as to imitate a crippled natural, and the wing is pulled over so it lays flat on the water.

You can purchase commercially tied Galloup’s Cripples with a biot body here – www.slideinn.com/product/galloups-cripple/

Galloup Cripple Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1100 – www.slideinn.com/product/daiichi-1110/
Thead: Danville 6/0 or Roman Moser Powersilk 10/0
Tails: Dun/Barred Black MFC Micro Barred Fibbetts – www.slideinn.com/product/mfc-micro-barred-fibbetts/
Body: Superfine Dubbing: www.slideinn.com/product/super-fine-dubbing/
Wing: Gray Sparkle Emerger Yarn or Dun Z-Yarn – www.slideinn.com/product/sparkle-emerger-yarn/
Hackle: Olive Grizzly