Tying The Elk Hair Caddis with Kelly Galloup

Watch Kelly tie up one of the most popular dry flies of all time: The Elk Hair Caddis. Al Troth came up with this pattern in 1957 and it has been wreaking havoc on trout ever since. Needless to say, the Elk Hair Caddis is a staple for us on the Madison and is one of those time-tested patterns that belongs in everyone’s caddis box. While the original fly was tied with bleached elk hair, we find that short fine deer hair helps this fly float even better

Elk Hair Caddis Recipe:

Hook: TMC 100 – www.slideinn.com/product/tmc-100/
Body: Tan Super Fine Dubbing: www.slideinn.com/product/super-fine-dubbing/
Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger or Brown dry fly hackle – www.slideinn.com/product/whiting-100-pack/
Rib: Small Gold UTC Ultra Wire – www.slideinn.com/product/ultra-wire/
Wing: Short Fine Deer Hair – www.slideinn.com/product/natures-spirit-x-caddis-deer-hair/
Original Wing: Bleached Elk Hair – www.slideinn.com/product/natures-spirit-early-season-elk-hair/