The Dunt Atlantic Salmon Dee Fly

The Dunt Atlantic Salmon Dee Fly

According to Kelson, the Dunt originates with W. Murdoch who contributed to the Fishing Gazette.
According to Murdoch “There is not a better all-around fly of the plain sort than the Dunt put upon the Dee in spring or autumn.”

Pattern Material List
Hook – Daiichi 2051 Size 3/0
Thread – Danvilles Fly Master Pre-Waxed 6/0
Tag: Silver Oval Tinsel
Butt: Blue Floss
Tail: Pheasant Crest with Jungle Cock
Body: Yellow/Orange/Red Seal Fur Dubbing
Rib: Flat Siver Tinsel & Oval Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Black Spey Hackle
Throat: Teal Flank
Wing: Argus Pheasant (Dee Style)
Eyes: Jungle Cock

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