Tying The Ant Acid with Kelly Galloup

The Ant Acid has become a go-to terrestrial pattern for anglers across the country. As a searching pattern I am not sure there is anything better, and as an ant imitation, I am certain of it. This is also one of the most popular dry flies I have ever developed– The triple segmented, two-tone body gives a perfect ant silhouette, the short deer hair wing makes sure the fly rides perfectly in the film, and the small rubber legs give it that little extra kick. I fish the ant acid anywhere in the world with confidence. – Kelly

You can purchase individual Ant Acids here: www.slideinn.com/product/productgalloups-ant-acid-fly/

Galloup’s Cinnamon Ant Acid Recipe

Hook: TMC 900BL – www.slideinn.com/product/tmc-900bl-hook/
First Body Segment : Cinnamon Caddis Super Fine Dubbing – www.slideinn.com/product/super-fine-dubbing/
Underwing: Alta Gold SSS Holo Braid – www.slideinn.com/product/sss-holo-braid/
Wing: Natural Deer Hair – www.slideinn.com/product/natures-spirit-comparadun-deer-hair/
Second Body Segment: Mahogany Brown Super Fine Dubbing
Third Body Segment: Cinnamon Caddis Super Fine Dubbing
Legs: MFC Small Speckled Centipede Legs – www.slideinn.com/product/mfc-centipede-legs-small/