Harrold’s Grous & Claret

Harrold’s Grouse & Claret is an old seatrout pattern with the same straggly long hackled profile as the Goat’s Toe or Camasunary Killer that works well for browns, rainbows and salmon too. To support my channel and enter the giveaways head to www.patreon.com/flickingfeathers and become a patron or support through paypal.me/flickingfeathers

Maaterials list
Hook: Kamasan B175 size 8-12
Thread: Uni 8/0 black
Tail: Globrite no.9 (originally phosphor yellow wool)
Rib: Oval gold
Body: rear 1/2 claret seal fur with peacock herl in front
Hackle: Grouse neck tied long