Tying a Lunar Warrior Jig

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The Lunar Warrior was inspired by the famous Rainbow Warrior designed by Lance Egan. This version is tied on a Firehole 516 jig hook, but could also be tied on a standard nymph hook as well. My pattern has evolved a couple of times since it’s inception, I’ve added a black wire for better segmentation from the original silver. I also swapped out the original silver ice dubbing collar for pearly UV ice dubbing. It is a simple fly to tie and tied on the jig hook it will bounce down the river bottom with the hook riding up, more easily avoiding snags. In deeper waters, the tungsten version and an indicator rig are a good pair.

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Lunar Warrior Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Jig hook like Firehole 516 #12-16
Bead: Silver brass or tungsten (3.2mm #12)
Thread: White 8/0 (70d)
Tail: Coq de Leon fibers
Ribbing: Black UTC wire small
Body: Silver holographic tinsel
Thorax: Pearl Ice Dubbing

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