The Way of Things

In all the years of filming brown trout, this captures the ‘why’. Why brown trout, why we travel to New Zealand, why we love our home waters in Alberta, why we love small streams. Any time I can get so engaged with a brown trout in tight quarters, any time the result isn’t a given, and any time you have to do unconventional things, that’s what I love. I’m a little intense, I get quiet and curt while intense, and if you can get past my sarcastic tone as this unfolds, there’s some neat stuff in this one. I was stuck with having to sit on my bum while doing a left handed chop cast into a deceptively strong wind to avoid the trees behind me – which come into play quickly. That left handed chop cast induced a downstream take and I knew that meant “WAIT!” on the hook set. After that the video essentially becomes a promo for The Orvis Company 4X Super Strong Tippet. This is bang on me — what I love. If there’s any doubt, any unpredictability in the fishing, that’s what engages me. This one did.