The Shadow Cast Competition

Shadow Cast Competition

The 2011 Shadow Cast Competition
Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Send us a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now – eternal fly casting glory awaits you!

The rules:

-You don´t have to be a great fly caster to make a great Shadow Cast. Just look at us…

-Your Shadow Cast doesn´t have to be a practical fishing cast at all. Be creative – anything goes!

-Keep it short and snappy.

-Any kind of video will do.

-The J&FF members will pick out the three best videos.

-Head judge is none other than the grand Shadow Master and inventor of the original Shadow Cast, Jason Borger!

-In addition to massive, global fly casting cred, the winner also gets Guideline Fario 8’6” #6 – THE ULTIMATE SHADOW CAST ROD. As said in GL’s catalog: ” Great for Spey casts and smooth open loop casting”

-Deadline for the competition is November 1st, 2011

-Extra points if you catch a fish with the Shadow Cast

If you want to be the next Shadow Master, submit your entry here:

May the Shadow be with you.