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If you have ever fished for bass, you know that in most instances, a rattle helps attract them. They are also attracted big baits. Things that push lots of water. I created this fly to still be rather light, but have a big profile under the water. This in my opinion is the perfect fly for bass when they are targeting baitfish, and also a great fly for other species like like pike or even big trout. With a saltwater hook, you could tie this for many saltwater species as well.

The flexible UV resin really makes a nice head on the fly, but its not hard and stiff, but it will flex a bit, which makes it more durable. It will give it a unique action as well, and help push water around the craft fur to make it move quite a bit more. The side to side motion will really drive those bass nuts.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S in size 1/0 –
Weight: 4mm black conehead –
Thread: Danville’s 210 flat waxed in white. –
Tail: Extra select craft fur in white and tan –
Rattle: Wapsi pyrex round end mini/3mm fly rattle –
Wrap: Tinsel Braid –
Eyes: Fish Scull living eyes 7mm wind –
UV Resin: Solarez Flex –

Many people have asked about my vice. Its a Anvil Atlas full rotary vice. Pretty good for the money. You can get it on Amazon here.

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