Squirrel Kitchen Clog Fly Tying Tutorial

This has been a popular pattern of mine flying around the social media world. It is a very easy pattern that is incredibly forgiving to tie, and helps you hone in on a valuable skill, the dubbing loop.

It is essentially a Dubbing Bugger (if there is such a thing), but to keep matters simple I call it the Kitchen Clog. Why? Well, because of it’s striking similarity to some of the nasty things I have pulled out of my kitchen sink.

You may notice, this pattern does not incorporate large amounts of flash. In fact, the only sparkle in this puppy is the bead head. I like to fish these on calm days, in bright sun, or clear water. Unlike it’s sister pattern the original Kitchen Clog.

If you are looking for a substitute for the fox squirrel you can try Hare’e Ice Dubbing, a hare’s mask with lots of guard hairs, or any other similar type of dubbing that has loads of prickly fibers!