Sea trout flies. E-8. Hoover Shrimp Fluo. Chartreuse size 4. With Eivind Berulfsen.

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In these episodes I will go through all of my sea trout flies in English. Step by step. All the flies I use for catching the silver of the sea.
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— Material list —
Hook: Gamakatsu F314 size 4
Thread: White 6/0
50/50 Seals fur Natural/Flio.Chartreuse + 1/3 of seals fur Black
Substitute dubbing: Dubbing from Spirit River UV2 Scud in the colors; Olive, Mysis Tan and Shrimp Pink. Try them out. The fly looks great!
Antennas: American Opossum.
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes Super Fluo. White.
Thread: Semperfli waxed 6/0 White and Red.
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Eivind Berulfsen.