Po Boy | Alec Gerbec’s Redfish Fly

Po Blog-Post & Recipe: blog.avidmax.com/2020/03/20/how-to-tie-the-po-boy-|-red-fish-fly/

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Umpqua’s Alec Gerbec ties his Po Boy! The name came naturally as everyday on the water we would bring a shrimp po’ boy along for lunch while fishing down in Louisiana. When I designed this fly I was in the middle of a trip down there and the guide for the day helped me make the decision on the fly name.

Po Boy’s Ingredients List:

Hook: Umpqua 506H 2/0
Thread: UTC 210 Denier Black
Eyes: Large Chartreuse Eyes
Body: Black Polar Fiber
Body: Purple Craft Fur
Legs: Chicone’s Crusher Legs
Flash: Copper Ripple Ice Fiber

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