Pink Worm Intruder

The pink worm is a go to steelhead bait, and I was looking for an intruder that would fish close to it. An orange but with pink marabou matches the color. But the marabou over the hackle body will allow the fly to stay animated even while it isn’t in the swing. The grizzly flashabou has been a great material in this fly, it gives movement and color but without the flash.

Partridge Waddington Shank –
Medium brass eyes
Partridge Z4 intruder hook –
Orange Arctic fox
Pink grizzly flashabou
Orange Lagartun French flat braid
Pink Chinese saddle hackle
Gold Lagartun tinsel rib
Mirage flashabou
Pink grizzly flashabou
Pink Marabou
Tip dyed Marabou
Pink schlappen collar