Pav’s Articulated Blood Gonga | Fly Tying

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Max ties the Pav’s Articulated Blood Gonga! Get the supplies to build your own here:

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Pav’s Articulated Blood Gonga Ingredients List
Hook – Firehole 811 Sizes 2 & 4:
Bead – MFC Sprarkle DB Eyes Red:
Tail – Black Marabou Blood Quills:
Flash – Red Crystal Flash:
Body – Black Schlappen, MFC Minnow Sparkle Brush (Red):
Legs – Black w/ Red Speckles / Life Flex:
Head – Fly Fish Food Bruiser Blend / Black Red:
Thread – Veevus 6/0 Black:
Articulation – Senyo Standard Intruder Wire Trailer Hook Wire:
Segmenting Beads – Hareline 3D Beads Red:

Fly Tools & Materials Used
Vise – Peak Vise:
Tools – Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit:

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Music: Descended From Myth – RJD2 |

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