Partridge and Purple Soft Hackle

The Partridge and Purple Soft Hackle is a very simple soft hackle pattern tied with 2 materials.

Soft Hackle flies really embody the “less is more” principle, that is very common in fly tying. A simple color body, in this case Purple, paired with the movement from the Partridge feather makes for a deadly fly. More traditionally the body would be silk thread, but I’ve gone with a mini-flat braid from Lagartun for more flash and durability.

Soft Hackles can be fished in a variety of ways; fished as a dropper from a dry, as part of a multi-fly nymphing setup, dead drifted, or swung… all are very effective. This fly can be easily adapted for personal preferences by size and by swapping body or hackle colors.

Hook – Partridge Heavy Wet Supreme sz 14
Thread – Sheer 14/0
Body – Lagartun mini-flat braid purple
Hackle – Partridge feather

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