New Fishpond and Tacky Fly Box Review | 2020

When two great companies come together they create something spectacular. Fishpond recently acquired Tacky Fly boxes who have made a name for themselves as the most innovative fly boxes in the fly fishing industry. Fishpond has already added their touches to the Tacky name and we are so excited to see what these companies have in store moving forward.

Fishpond kept tacky’s key features on all their boxes however implemented a shell made out of recycled material. Don’t worry though! They are still just as durable! The Silicone slots have changed in color and that is about all as they still have their original patented silicone anchoring technology with low fly memory retention.

The fly boxes are still a slender profile that can be easily packed and take up minimal storage that has an easy access magnetic latch. (PRO TIP: The magnets will hold a hook so you can thread tippet through it if you need.) Not to mention that if you take a spill the silicone dries quicker then foam so you shouldn’t have to worry about your hooks rusting.


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