Mosquitoes & Mayflies | EP4 | In A Cloud Of Caddis

Instagram: @rolfnylinder

Håvard and I continue our trip through the Arctic landscape known as Finnmark. When we finally get some good weather we realise we’ve chosen the wrong river. A few hours later we find ourselves in a cloud caddis. This episode is about the inglorious “Ismopuppan”.

“Lovers 2”, “Coccheboccha” and “Carpet”, all written and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing (Håvard Stubø, Joona Toivanen, Tapani Toivanen and Fredrik Hamrå).

The outro song, “Slowdown” is written and performed by Ben Lester, Sean Carey and Zach Hanson.

This episode is presented by Flylords and Podsol Fly Fishing