Midnight Mullet Fly

Midnight predatory fish beware…

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Fish will see this fly from a mile away… I promise. The Midnight Mullet combines bright flash and catchy colors to draw in the big-mouthed predators. Seriously, this fly is made to be fished aggressively and to trigger some hardcore strikes. Snook and Tarpon charge at the Midnight Mullet Streamer because of its visible lateral line, striking profile, and eye-catching aesthetics. If you’re a serious warmwater saltwater angler this pattern gets the job done when nothing else can. Learn how to tie it right now as Jared gives step-by-step instructions.

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Tiemco 811S – 1/0
Hareline Bugger Hackle Patches – Grizzly
Danville 210 Flat Waxed – Orange
Hareline Painted Dumbbell Eyes – Yellow, Large
Hedron Flashabou – Pearl, Silver
Hareline UV Polar Chenille – Standard, Pearl
Loon Fly Finish – Thick
Hareline Large Northern Bucktail – White
Flymen Fish-Skull Living Eyes – 8.5mm, Fire
Chartpak Ad Markers – Red, Grey

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