Huge Tiger Muskie on the Fly

A difficult fish to catch, but this spring we lucked into some awesome fish! Thanks to my fishy friends who were involved:

Brad Hansen
Luke Rowley
Benny Rowley
Sammy Rowley

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Thanks for watching!

Video by Gilbert Rowley

Music “Wrong Side of the Revolution” by Josh Woodward

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Fishing was filmed at Newton Reservoir. Here is what the Salt Lake Tribune had to say about this particular body of water:
“Newton reservoir in northern Utah, is one of the few great places to try your luck in reeling in the elusive tiger muskie. A fish that can grow to over 40″ is sure to delight any angler who is lucky enough to catch one of these beasts. Underwater footage catches a rare glimpse of these monsters in their habitat and there finicky nature in frustrating anglers and eluding their bait.” Here is a link to their video…