Flat Back Hopper

Hook: Hanak 230 BK #10
Thread: Veevus E01 Black
Rib: Troutlines UV ribbing fibre (Hot Orange)
Body: Cookshill Black Claret seals fur
Legs: FNF pre-tied legs
Hackle: Grizzle dyed black

Inspired by flat back hoppers from the Fly Shop. A favourite of Gazza Dixon and the late great Tony Bevan. A brilliant pattern for fishing right in the surface film. If you don’t tie then you can find them at the link below.

Hoppers are super effective when the fish are looking up and there is a heap of ways to tie them. This one sits low in the water and the fish can often just sip them down. Worth a go? Most definitely why don’t you let me know your favourite dressing for the Hopper in the comments section below.