Biot Parachute

Biot Parachute Blog-Post & Recipe:

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the Biot Parachute!

When you want a dry fly that has a little more pizazz to it than a traditional parachute pattern you add biots. Not only does this provide a super elegant finished fly but it offers some aspects that you don’t get from a dubbed body. With a biot abdomen you end up with a perfectly segmented smooth body.

This allows for less weight and a fly that can slip slightly below the surface tension while fished. Change up your color and size to match a wide array of mayflies, midges and small stoneflies. Depending on what size and color you tie will also determine how you fish it. Smaller sizes are fished best behind a larger dry or small indicator to help pick up on those subtle strikes.

Biot Parachute Ingredients List:

Hook – Tiemco TMC 100 16-24
Thread – Uni 8/0 Lt Cahill
Tail/Hackle – Whiting Farms High and Dry Light Dun
Abdomen – Turkey Biot Yellowish Tan
Thorax – Superfine Dubbing Light Cahill
Parachute Post – Calf Body Hair White

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