How To Tie An Easy Trout Spey Sculpin | Trout Spey Streamer

How To Tie An Trout Spey Sculpin – A quick and easy sculpin streamer for Trout Spey swinging. Trout Spey Fly Tying tutorial. SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Sculpins are a big part of a trout’s diet. This Trout Spey Sculpin was designed to have the fewest “bulky” materials as possible. This fly is easy to cast, despite being tied with rabbit strips.

The rabbit strip I used for the tail in the Trout Spey Sculpin was actually cut down the middle to make it much thinner than ‘normal’ rabbit strips you would use on traditional sculpin fly patterns.

**This has been the fly I have been swinging the most for trout on the Kenai River during the month of April 2109. There are only two adjustments I would make to this fly after swinging it extensively: When tying the tail of this streamer to the “donor hook,” you could shorten it a bit as the hook hangs quite far back (ideal for bigger fish). If you tend to fish for smaller fish, you’d want the hook a little closer to the donor hook. When tying the hook in, you can also tie the hook up and poke the point of the hook through the rabbit strip to keep it in place. **

The materials we used in this fly can be swapped out for your favorite sculpin and trout spey fly tying materials. We love greens, blacks, browns and whites for tying this trout spey pattern. We also suggest the use of some weight at the front of the head if your fishing conditions demand the use of weighted flies.

Tight Lines!


Donor Hook Shank: Mustad #6 Nymph/Sproat Hook 3x Hard (Hook point cut off) OR Umpqua 25 mm Waddington Shank
Trailer Material: 20 lb Power Pro or Fire Line
Trailer Hook: Owner Mosquito Hook #4
Thread: Uni 6/0 Black
Rear Bump Material: Wapsi Angora Goat Orange
Tail/Body: Hareline Rabbit Strips – Olive Variant
Under Body: A 50/50 mix of Hareline Ice Dub in Orange and Wapsi Angora Goat Orange
Body: Spirit River Tiny Tip Marabou – Olive and Black
Head: Hareline Cross Cut Rabbit Strips – Olive Variant
Head Cement: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails


Regal Medallion C-Clamp Vise:
Anvil Ultimate Fly Tying Scissors:
OPST Dubbing Spinner
Dubbing Brush (Golf Club Cleaning Brush):
Rite Bobbin Standard Bobbin:
Dubbing Brush (Golf Club Cleaning Brush):



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ABOUT: In this video David Lisi from Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC shares a Trout Spey Streamer that requires very few fly tying materials, is easy and fun to tie and is very effective for fly fishing for trout. Watch this video to learn a great sculpin streamer pattern for trout!

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