How to tie a Gaga Magic Quill Dry Fly

Hook – Hanak H330 BL #10
Thread – UTC Tan 140d
Body Wrap – Gaga Magic Quills
Thorax – Red Holographic
Hackle – Dyed Black Grizzle
Wing – Black Dyed CDC
Head Dubbing – Black Seals Fur

The Magic Quills from Gaga Flies the best synthetic quills on the market in my humble opinion although the Hemingway ones are also very good. I am and remain a huge fan of natural materials such as Moose Mane and Stripped Peacock Quills. To achieve a particular effect to a fly though its hard to see past these synthetic quills.

The fly itself is a relatively simple tie and it has been tied on a bigger hook for demonstration purposes. It will be much more effective in smaller sizes on the river. I hope it has given you some inspiration for your own tying. I would love to hear what ideas you have come up with based on this pattern, please let me know in the comments below.