Hare & Copper Variant

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It’s arguably New Zealand’s official nymph and a popular choice for many anglers targeting the legendary trout of Middle Earth. It’s a straightforward fly and ideal for the beginner fly tyer. It uses minimal materials and the steps are easy to follow. The Hare and Copper is a fly that has produced fish throughout NZ in a variety of waters and also works well in the North American waters.

I swapped the hare’s ear dubbing for Hareline’s Hare’s Ear Plus. The HEP adds a little trilobal fiber in with Antron fibers. These trilobal fibers give the natural fur a little added boost with subtle reflective properties. I add a little extra weight behind the bead and like to keep the fly a little bit buggy.

Hare & Copper Variant

Hook: Firehole 633 #10-16
Bead: Black Brass or Tungsten
Weight: 0.020 non-lead wire
Thread: Rusty Brown 70D 8/0
Tail: 2 black crystal flash
Ribbing: Medium Copper Wire
Body: Natural Hare’s Ear Plus
Collar: Dark Hare’s Ear Plus

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