Fly Tying the Swamp Rabbit Fly Pattern – Piscator Flies Episode 69

This tarpon fly pattern was designed by Bob Lemay to target backcountry tarpon. The fly is scaled down to a manageable 2/0 for the Florida everglades. In addition to being a good warm water fly, I’m planning on using this pattern to hunt a few bass and pike up north. You can tie this pattern in colors for targeting the species you are after. For tarpon, yellow/orange, black/red, chartreuse/white, brown/chinchilla, and black/blue. For pike and bass, I’ll be tying the red/black, red/white, black/chartreuse, and a few other bright colors.

Swamp Rabbit Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: 2/0 Saltwater hook
Thread: 210 denier FWN
Tail: Bucktail, rabbit zonker
Flash: pearl crystal flash
Body: Rabbit zonker or cross cut strips (2-tone)
Head: Red w/ painted eyes


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Camera: Nikon CoolPix P510
Vise: Griffen Montana Mongoose

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