Fly Tying the Bubbleback Chironomid Stillwater Trout Fly Pattern – Ep87 PF

I’ve finally gotten some Solarez UV Resin and this is the first (hopefully of many) videos of fly tying with resin I’ll be posting on the channel. The beads come via and I’ve seen them for sale on sites like Aliexpress.

This is really a simple fly pattern, but chironomid flies have saved many days out on the water for me. The flies are great for fly fishing for trout in lakes but also do really well with panfish species like bluegill, sunfish and perch.

Bubbleback Chironomid

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-14
Bead: Black/white glass seed bead –
Thread: Olive 140d
Rib: Gold brassie wire
Resin: Thin Solarez –


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Camera: Nikon CoolPix P510
Vise: Griffen Montana Mongoose

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