Fly Tying Candy Cane Nymph

Hackles & Wings Fly Tying videos! Today we’re going to tie a Candy Cane Nymph. A quite simple nymph using some techniques to make it a lot more durable.
Also, I am announcing that I’m now working full time in a flyshop, which I’m really excited about but that also means that I will have less time to spend on the videos on this channel. I will try to keep uploading as many as possible but I will focus on one per week from now on. Thank you so much to everybody that has joined me on this journey in the fly tying world and thanks to all joining in the future.
Tight lines, Simon


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Thread: 8/0 Red
Hook: Hanák H300 BL
Body: Opossum Nat Brown
Tails: CdL Med Pardo
Thorax: SLF Spikey Dub, Peacock Herl
Bead: 2.8mm Brass Black
Rib: Ultra Wire Small Red
Back: Pheasant Tail Nat

Music: Credit to Dan-O at