Fly Tying Bonefish Fly

Fly tying a new bonefish fly for fly fishing for bonefish. This bonefish fly tying tutorial is brought to you by Qflyshop.

What would the Gotcha bonefish fly, one of the best bonefish flies ever would look like when it was designed in 2015? Probably something like this ;-)

We used the new double pupil lead eyes and micro sili legs from Hareline to tie this bonefish pattern. The hook is a Daiichi X-452 size #4. Ribbing is UTC mirage tinsel small. Body is 2/3 pink scud dub, 1/3 hot pink Ice Dub and a tiny bit of UV pearl Ice Dub. Thread I like for these flies is Textreme 6/0 fluo pink. For the wing I used arctic fox and a few pearl midge kristal flash strands.

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