double hook up buster – Underwater Footage! – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorials

This is tied much like a slump buster, which you guys know is one of my favorite streamers for trout. However its tied with dumbbell eyes rather than a cone head. This will insure the fly swims hook point up, and that means it can be fished slow, and on the bottom without much worry of snagging. For added security you could put a weed guard on the fly as well.

This can be tied in a number of colors, but black works really well for me. The dark color is easy for trout to see, and it will mimic a leech really well. Also, it can mimic a crayfish with the two tails, and also when tied with lighter colors it can mimic a small fish.

Here is a list of materials I used on this fly. And some links to where you can purchase them if they don’t carry them at your local fly shop.
Hook: Dai-Riki #700 size 8 –
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0 in black –
Hook Wrap: UTC Sparkle Braid in Red –
Weight: Lead Dumbbell Eyes –
Tail/Collar: Pine Squirrel Strips in Black –
Head: Cross Cut Rabbit Strips in Black –
Epoxy: Solarez “Bone Dry” UV Curing Resin –

Also, here are the tools I use for tying incase you are looking for them.
Vice: Renzetti Travler 2200 –
Bobbin: Rite Bobbin Standard –
Dubbing Twister: DR. Slick Dubbing Twister –
Bodkin: Creative Angler Brass Bodkin –
UV Light: Solarez “Hight Output” –

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