Deep Dish Callibaetis & Brown Drake by Fly Fish Food

The Deep Dish is a great nymph to cover your callibaetis waters as well as brown drake waters.
Hook: Daiichi 710, #14 (+)
Thread: Danville 70 Denier, Olive (+)
Under-Body: .015 Lead Free Wire (+)
Bead: Mayfly Nymph-Head, Swimmer & Burrower, Small, Brown (+)
Tail: Lemon Barred Wood Duck (+)
Abdomen: Pearl Tinsel, Medium (+)
Abdomen 2: Ostrich Herl, Scud Tan (+)
Abdomen Back: UNI Double Sided Mylar, Orange/Peacock #14 (+)
Ribbing: UTC Ultra Wire, Gold, Small (+)
Thorax: Hare’e Ice Dub, Tan (+)
Legs: Grizzly Micro Legs, Rootbeer (+)
Wing Case: Nymph Skin, Bronze/Tan – Clear (+)
Wing Case Stripe: UNI Double Sided Mylar, Orange/Peacock #16 (+)
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