Crease Fly Popper Fly Tying Video Instructions – Joe Blado Fly Pattern

The Crease Fly is baitfish popper imitation developed by Joe Blado. The Crease Fly is a great pattern for saltwater and freshwater species. The Crease fly is favored by tuna fisherman and bass fisherman alike. The Crease Fly not only has a life-like baitfish look, but it also spits and chugs through the water. Making is irresistible to hungry predators! The Crease Fly can be tied in many color variations and sizes. Some tiers like to us foil or mylar for the body shine/color. In this video, I show you how to us the glue technique by painting the color onto the fly. There are many glues on the market now including UV resins, Polyurethane finish and good old epoxy. Epoxy is still one of the most durable options, but also the messiest. In this video we use Loon Hard Head, which is the Polyurethane option. Very easy to work with and you can add layers for durability and color finish. Get creative and have fun!!

Crease Fly Popper Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #3/0-#01 Gamakatsu SL11-3H or Gamakatsu SL12S
Thread: White 6/0 UNI or 6/0 Veevus
Tail: White Bucktail
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Body: White 2MM Thin Foam
Body Glue: White Pearlescent Loon Hard Head
Mouth: Pink Loon Hard Head
Eyes: 3D Stick On Eyes or Living Eyes
Glue: Zap A Gap Brush On



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